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As a highly regarded Consultant ENT Surgeon based at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospitals, I bring a wealth of international experience to the management of a wide range of rhinological conditions, with a focus on rhinoplasty, snoring, obstructive sleep-apnoea, rhinitis and rhinosinusitis, sinonasal cancer, and advanced skull base surgery. My postgraduate education was further enhanced by a year-long fellowship in rhinology and facial plastics at St George's University Hospital, London, followed by a fellowship in anterior skull base surgery at the Academic Medical Centre University Hospital in Amsterdam.

In addition to my NHS practice, I also have a private practice based at London Bridge Hospital and HCA The Shard, where I am a proud member of the HCA Head and Neck team treating sinonasal malignancies. My professional pursuits center on research and education, and I am a co-author of SurgTech, a regular faculty member on instructional courses, and a frequent speaker at international conferences.


I sit on the executive board of the European Rhinologic Society and play a prominent role in research programs at major international congresses. In European Rhinologic Society, I serve as the Chair of the Education Committee. In this capacity, I play a critical role in shaping the direction of the field and advancing the knowledge of my colleagues through innovative and impactful educational initiatives. My passion for education, combined with my expertise in rhinology, makes me a valuable asset to the society and a trusted advisor to my peers. As Chair of the Education Committee, I am dedicated to promoting excellence in the field of rhinology and ensuring that the next generation of practitioners is equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to deliver the highest level of care to their patients.

My professional interests also extend to innovation in minimally invasive techniques in rhinology. I am continuously exploring new and cutting-edge technologies that can improve patient outcomes and reduce recovery times. Most recently, I have been investigating the potential of robotic surgery in the field of skull base surgery.


In the management of snoring and mild Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), I am a strong supporter of ExciteOSA, a minimally invasive procedure that has been shown to effectively treat snoring and mild OSA with a high level of safety and patient satisfaction. As a specialist in the field of rhinology, I believe that it is important to offer a range of treatment options to my patients, and I am proud to offer ExciteOSA as a valuable alternative to traditional surgical approaches. Whether through traditional surgery or minimally invasive techniques such as ExciteOSA, I am dedicated to helping my patients find the right solution for their needs and to achieving the best possible outcomes for their health and well-being.


My PhD research, which focuses on "rhinitis in athletes," has been recognized through numerous academic prizes and awards. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I was one of the first researchers worldwide to describe the loss of smell in patients and was a prominent figure in the tracheostomy service. I led the service and published numerous articles describing the results and standards of care, demonstrating my dedication to providing the highest level of care to my patients.


As a former professional triathlete, I bring a unique perspective to my work, characterized by a passion for perfectionism and a commitment to fair play. These attributes were reflected in the Fair Play Prize awarded by the Olympic Committee.



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